Victoria Lyrics – Thomas Headon

Victoria Lyrics by Thomas Headon is the latest English song. Victoria song lyrics are written by Thomas Headon while the song is also produced by Thomas Headon.

Victoria Lyrics

Victoria Song Details:

Song: Victoria
Singer: Thomas Headon
Produced by: Thomas Headon
Lyrics: Thomas Headon

Victoria Lyrics

we broke into a building site to look at the stars
we got into an argument about which ones the farthest
i told her that she’s stupid when she grabbed my hand in the dark
we stopped to get some cash out from the service machine
she called her guy to pick up at like quarter to three
we drove around in circles so it felt like we had somewhere to be

i’m calling her, victoria
when i’m with her i’ve got nothing to do
oh baby, victoria
i’d say i love you but that’s way too soon

i know that she hates me when i talk too much
she turns on the radio then turns it right off
she’s got good taste and i just can’t get enough
i’m calling like “do you wanna come to my place tonight,
i’ve had way too much to drink so I can’t go for a drive
but if you’re bored just make your way to my place, and stay the night”

i’m calling her, victoria
we’re making time for nothing to do
oh baby, victoria
i’d say i love you but that’s way too soon

i’m crying in the backseat as i’m holding her phone
it helps to have some fun but not when you overdose
shoulda told her that i loved her, cause now i’m alone

i’m calling her, victoria
our nothing was a something to do
oh baby, victoria
i wish i said i loved you

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