Valentine Massacre Lyrics – Kodak Black

Valentine Massacre By Kodak Black is The Latest English song from the album “Halloween Bill Kodak. The Most Popular song lyrics were written by Kodak Black. Music is given by Kodak Black.

Valentine Massacre Lyrics

Valentine Massacre Lyrics


I Love You Long Time And You Love Me
Cuz You Passed Every Test
You Ain’t Never Fake It
I’ma Keep The Spotlight On You Baby
Cuz I Liked When You Said
You Don’t Wanna Be Famous

We Got A Strong Vibe It’s Amazing
Got So Many Different Girls
But You Never Say Shit
It’s Like We So Tiredain’t We Baby?
Cuz You Been Round The World
But You Can’t Replace This

It’s Been A Long Ride But We Made It, Aye
You The One Who Told Me I Can’t Do Anything
I’ma Spend This Whole Dime On You Baby
Cuz You The Onе Who Told Me
I Can’t Do Anything


Written by:
Kodak Black


“Valentine Massacre” Track Info:

SongValentine Massacre Lyrics
AlbumHalloween Bill Kodak
SingerKodak Black
LyricsKodak Black
MusicKodak Black
Music LabelKodak Black

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AxomLyrics FAQs & Trivia

Who sung the “Valentine Massacre” song?

“Valentine Massacre” Song is sung by Kodak Black.

Who has Written the “Valentine Massacre” song?

“Valentine Massacre Lyrics” is written by Kodak Black.

Who composed the music of the “Valentine Massacre” song?

Kodak Black composed the music of the “Valentine Massacre” song.

What movie/album the “Valentine Massacre” song is from?

The song “Valentine Massacre” is from the soundtrack album “Halloween Bill Kodak”.