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Set Up Story (Pt.1) Lyrics by NLE Choppa is the latest English song. Set Up Story (Pt.1) song lyrics are written by NLE Choppa while the song is produced by SleazyFlow.

Set Up Story (Pt.1) Lyrics

Set Up Story (Pt.1) Song Details:

Song: Set Up Story (Pt.1)
Singer NLE Choppa
Produced by: SleazyFlow
Written by: NLE Choppa

Set Up Story (Pt.1) Lyrics

If You Ain’t At A House Party
You At The Wrong Party
Yeah! Something Going On’
Know What We On
D-O, Won’t Trip D-O
(No, No, No, No, No)
I Ain’t Never Tripped On
Fu*k This Sh!t

House On The Hills, I Wake Up To Pu$$y
I’m Really Enjoying The View (Enjoying The View)
It’s A Couple Of H0es That Hitting’ My Line
They Said That They Wanna Come Through
(They Said That They Wanna Come Through)
So I Roll Up A Swisher, She Sucking My D!ck
I Swear To God, That Be’s The Truth
But The Other H0es Hitting My Line, They Thick
I Don’t Know What I’ma Do (I Don’t Know What I’ma Do)
So I Tell Her, “Get Out,” She Said, “Is You Tripping?”
It Just What I Thought, This Hoe Got To B!tching
The Time That We Spent, This Sh!t Here Is Finished
(Let’s Go)
I Knew I Was Wrong, I Shouldn’ta Did It, Aye!
Kick Her Out The Spot, Other H0es Pull Up
She Got Some Big A$$ T!tt!es With A Big A$$ Butt
I Can See How She Look, Man, I Know She A Sl*t
(Yeah! Yeah!)
If I Shoot Her One, She Gone Catch Her A Nut
(Yeah! Yeah!)

(Nah, Nah, Nah, La La, La, La, La, What Going On?)
I Think She Tryna Set Me Up
(We Gone See Though, Set Me Up, Set Me Up)
(Something Going On, Bruh)
I Got My Shooter In The Cut
(I Got My Shooter, Got My Shooter)

I’m Looking At TBo, He Macking He Friend
I Know He Gone Buss That Hoe Down
You Could Look At My B!tch, Look At Her Hips
Yeah! She Curvy And Round (You Know That She Cute)
I Throw Back A Perc’
Gimme Twenty Minutes, Bet That I’m Working This Hoe
(I Bet That)
Go Back To Ten Or The Fifteen Or The Thirty
I Don’t Even Fu*king Know, Fu*k, He Took It, Though
I Look At This B!tch And I Realize
She Sneaky, She Been On That Phone Too Long
The Last Hoe Played, They Both Died
This Sh!t Dejà Vu, What The Fu*k Going On
I’ma Play This Sh!t Smooth, I Might Be Wrong
Had My Glock In The Couch
TBo, My Sh!t, Is You Clutching Your Chrome?

(Nah, Nah, Nah, La, La, La, La, What’s Going On, Bruh?)
I Think She Tryna Set Me Up
(I Think She Tryna Set Me Up)
(Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, La, La, La, La, What’s Going On?)
I Got My Shooter In The Cut

Aye! They Sip A Lil’ Crown, They Get A Lil’ Horny
I Think That They Ready To Fu*k
So I Get In My Head About All Of My Strokes (Yeah! Yeah!)
About How I’m Gone Pipe This B!tch Up (Yeah! Yeah!)
You Know That I Got My Magnum, That Is Not A Problem
We Do Not Have Them Troubles (None Of Those Troubles)
When She Come In My Room, I Turn On That Marvin Gaye
So I Know I’ma Fu*k (I Know I’ma Fu*k)
Man, Hold Up, I Can’t Believe This B!tch
Looking At Your Phone, You Sent The Drops
Betrayed Or Just Defeated Me
Look In Her Face, I Spit Up On It
Man, I Damn Near Beat That B!tch
And We Gone Let That N!gga Pull Up
Just To Show Him How We Get
(Brrt, Brrt, Brrt, Brrt)

(Nah, Nah, Nah, La, La, La, Nah, Can’t Believe This Sh!t)
I Think She Tryna Set Me Up (She Set Me Up, Though)
(Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, La, La, La, La, She Set Me Up)
I Got My Shooter In The Cut (Hold On)

Aye! There’s Some Trappers In Here
To Be Continued
To Be Continued
Don’t Let This Sh!t Play Out

Set Up Story (Pt.1) Music Video

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