Highteen Lyrics (English Translation) – Dvwn (다운)

Highteen Lyrics (English Translation) by “Dvwn (다운)” is a newly released Korean song with music given by Dvwn (다운). The latest song Highteen lyrics are written by Dvwn (다운). The song was published on 17h February 2023. The music video was published by KOZ Entertainment.

Highteen Lyrics (English Translation)

Highteen Song Details:

Song: Highteen
Singer(s): Dvwn (다운)
Musician(s): Dvwn (다운)
Written by: Dvwn (다운)
Label(©): KOZ Entertainment

Highteen Lyrics (English Translation)

Hey girl
Bound in powder, falsehood, oh-wooh
♪ I’ll finish the binding ♪ You’ll be naked tonight ♪
Shitty whiskey and cherry on the rocks
I slapped a cup or two and went home
Pulled out all my miniature bourbons
I said, “I’m still sober

And I feel so damn good
Twelve o’clock was gone
The train you’re on is gone
I’ll take you to my better place

Oh my, baby fat
You and me
In the city where pleasure blooms
That the tulip that will bloom is you, oh-woah
Do you know (Oh-woo-oh)

You don’t have to know the truth
You’ve seen me for hours
You know me better than I know myself (Oo-woo)
With slender words
You keep crossing the line (Oo-oo-woo)
Will I be your problem
Or if you’ll be my problem
I never thought about it
If it’s a punk love
Our youth is a spare
Words keep slipping out of my mouth

And I feel so damn good (Ay-yeah)
12 o’clock has left
The train you’re going to ride is gone
I’ll take you to a better place

Oh my, baby fat
You and me
In a city where pleasure blooms
The tulip that will bloom is you
Do you know
Actually you don’t have to know

Highteen Song Video

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