Biscotti In The Air Lyrics – Juice WRLD

Biscotti In The Air Lyrics by Juice WRLD from the “The Party Never Ends” album is a Newly released English song. Biscotti In The Air Lyrics are written by PVLACE, Max Lord & Juice WRLD while the song is produced by PVLACE & Max Lord. The song was published on January 6, 2023.

Biscotti In The Air Lyrics

Biscotti In The Air Song Details:

Song: Biscotti In The Air
Album: The Party Never Ends
Singer(s): Juice WRLD
Produced by: PVLACE & Max Lord
Written by: PVLACE, Max Lord & Juice WRLD
Label:  Grade A Productions, Interscope Records, Juice WRLD & Universal Music Group
Release Date: January 6, 2023

Biscotti In The Air Lyrics

Hm, yeah

uh, yeah
N!gga, what’s good?
Four of my n!ggas ride
through your hood, uh, yeah
Wish you would,
who do you think you are?
Young Suge, uh, yeah
Gettin’ in good, leave ’em laying on the
front porch like his house haunted (Yeah)
Roll up woods, pour up mud,
let’s get stuck (B!tch)
Where’d all the real ones go?
We the only real ones, uh (That’s for real)
We in yo’ place, get in the way,
we gon’ kill some (That’s for real)
I miss my dog, let me fall,
make him feel us (Us)
Won’t stop ’till we see blood,
make him feel the real us
(Baow, baow, baow)
Pain in they veins, bullets tear,
leave a stain (Yeah)
From the pain in our brains when
they took when I gained (Uh, uh)
Now the days ain’t the same
Make me wanna scream
out they names (Let’s go)
No reply, so we gettin’ high,
plottin’ from the other side
Fu*k your Glock, I need a gun
with bigger tits (Oh yeah)
Pop that 30, not that 10,
I need a bigger itch (Oh yeah)
I got a job for you hoes,
finding a bigger b!tch (Oh yeah)
Tryna move that cocaine by the zip,
hide it by your tits (Oh yeah)
Young rich n!ggas, we rare (Uh-huh)
All the hoes stop and stare (Uh-huh)
Louis V underwear (Uh-huh)
VVS solar flare (Uh-huh)
Eskimo polar bear (Uh-huh)
Designer I wear (Uh-huh)
Fu*k her over there (Uh-huh)
In my recliner chair,
putting biscotti in the air

Biscotti In The Air Song Video

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