Today Lyrics – Cordae feat. Gunna

Today Lyrics by Cordae is the latest English song from the album “From a Birds Eye View”. Today lyrics were written by Cordae & Gunna while the song is produced by Audio Anthem.

Today Lyrics

Today Song Details:

Song Today
Album From a Birds Eye View
Singer Cordae
Faaturing Gunna
Produce by Audio Anthem
Lyricist Cordae & Gunna

Today Lyrics

Hold on, uh
I got a time today
Money on my mind, nigga, I got to grind today
Get that shit, andale
Told my brothers, “You ain’t gotta worry, I’ma find a way”
Shit gon’ line in place
Hopped off the porch too early what my mama say
My card ain’t decline today
Sun gon’ shine, nigga, sun gon’ shine today

Woah, I remember them cold nights
Ninth grade, Chief Keef, first dropped “Don’t Like”
Why the time had to go by?
Eat free lunch at the school, used to roll dice
I remember I ain’t have shit (I ain’t have it)
I was broke as fuck, put that shit in the past tense (Nah, for real)
Check out my [jack tens ?] (For rеal)
Had to boss up, nigga, can’t live average

How thе fuck niggas still broke? (How the fuck? Nigga)
Put it on my men, they can put it on my lil’ bros
Need a Brazil ho (Woo)
2003, my cousin taught me how to hill tow
Shit goin’ up, nigga, watch how I transcend (Up)

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