TIME CHAMBER Lyrics – Rilès

TIME CHAMBER Lyrics by Rilès from “RILESUNDAYZ Season 2” is the latest English song. TIME CHAMBER song lyrics was written by Rilès while the song is produced by Rilès.


TIME CHAMBER Song Details:

Singer: Rilès
Producer: Rilès
Lyrics: Rilès


Never runnin shit out of business
Never runnin far from of my feelings
What you get is my training
46 weeks, never skipping
7000 hours in the making
Ain’t no time for marketing

I got sweat, tears under my chin
Lost hairs under pressure
Yet still gonna finish it

I can’t spend time with the family
I pray nothing happens
before I’m back from the prison I

Set for myself
fought for my soul
fire from the cave
hit another low
this summer was a cold one

Lose or you face
Bend or you break
Sick but I’m the illness
Well, this covid caught the Rilès

Had to go
For the change
Did it for the love

Run it up
All the pain
Is never for nothing

For the show
Or for the ages
I cannot get low

Nah, I cannot get low

Never been attracted to critics
Never took it back if I said it
Still unknown but I made it
I was in the 3ein and pyramids
Then I made it back to my city
With my soul in a gurney

What you get a gut for?
Fights like this
might end up under the gravestone
Every morning , ice cold
Every day, I fight for
Everything I’m planning for Survival Mode

Wait –‘till I get my waves right
I’m calibrating everything
I need to go light with my vices
You stress in this bitch to get likes
I’m stuck in this chamber trynna get better at life
That’s the difference

“You have to take this training very seriously
Of course, we’ll take it one step at a time
When you’re ready, you’ll move to the next level
But it’s not going to be easy
It will be the toughest thing you’ve ever done”


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