Jean Michel Lyrics – Cordae

Jean Michel Lyrics by Cordae is the latest English song from the album “From a Birds Eye View”. Jean Michel lyrics were written by Cordae while the song is produced by Audio Anthem.

Jean Michel Lyrics

Jean Michel Song Details:

Song Jean Michel
Album From a Birds Eye View
Singer Cordae
Produce by Audio Anthem
Lyricist Cordae

Jean Michel Lyrics

Yeah, uh

Brink of extinction, hell-bent on survival
This life’s a continuous cycle
Consider this a venomous haiku
This ain’t a verse, nigga
And I done dealt with the worst niggas
The type to steal your shit, then search with ya
Nothing ordinary

I been having vivid dreams, them shits is more than scary
Graveyards and mortuaries
Haunted by these goals that I’m tryna accomplish
Underrated, over-hated, I’m tired of the nonsense
Thing I’ve could’ve done better, it lies in my conscience
And I’ll never forget it, I’m my worst critic
Such a overthinker, I’m so self-reflective
God willing, these parables go and sell some records
Politicians out here lying, tryna sell a message
Ten thousand hours, penmanship is well-perfected

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