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Elijahs Room Lyrics – Stunna Gambino

Elijahs Room Lyrics – Stunna Gambino is the latest English song also produced by VVS Melody. Elijahs Room Lyrics are written by Stunna Gambino.

Elijahs Room Lyrics

Elijahs Room Song Details:

Song: Elijahs Room
Singer: Stunna Gambino
Produced by: VVS Melody
Lyrics: Stunna Gambino

Elijahs Room Lyrics

VVS Melody

Fuck that nigga that you, that you fuckin’ with
I done bought you Chanel now you in love with it
Now I’m on a new level on some other shit
Cause I can’t fuck ’round with no gutter bitch
I had the Air Max Louis Vuitton the luggage, yeah
I done been hurt too many times I can’t trust a bitch
(I done been hurt too many times I can’t trust a bitch)

I’m just sayin’ you could do better, do better
Christian Dior I’m a huge steppa, ooh better
I’m in LA what the vibes call me, hugh hefner
I told you I was gon be big you should, knew better, you shoulda knew better
Mike Amiri, jeans ooh this that new lеather
Cartier, so clean, now my viеw better

I’m just sayin’
I’m just sayin’ I’m way better than yo last nigga
This that AP skeleton ain’t no glass in it
Baby I’m straight from the trenches so I move tact with it
This a, Lamborghini Urus I go fast in it
Cause I was starvin’ just like Ramadan
Now you all up in my line but I ain’t got no time
Came a long way from the trenches just needed some time
Whoever thought I’d sign a dotted line
You can’t even lie, I used to fuck you from the back you feel it in yo spine
I had you archin’ on my bed screamin’ la da da
Reminiscin’ bout the times when I would call you mine
Now you hit up with yo new nigga
I’m just sayin’ tell me who better
Come kick it with a vulture I got blue cheddar

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