Don’t Follow The Heathens Freestyle Lyrics – Meek Mill

Don’t Follow The Heathens Freestyle Lyrics by Meek Mill is the latest English song produced by Meek Mill. Don’t Follow The Heathens Freestyle Song lyrics are written by Meek Mill. The song was published on 3rd February 2023.

Don’t Follow The Heathens Freestyle Lyrics

Don’t Follow The Heathens Freestyle Song Details

Song: Don’t Follow The Heathens Freestyle
Singer(s): Meek Mill
Produced by: Meek Mill
Written by: Meek Mill
Label(©): Meek Mill

Don’t Follow The Heathens Freestyle Lyrics

One time for all the trench babies worldwide
Reportin’ live Meek Milly, you already know
Uh, and it’s up, gang

I got different emotions
Startin’ to feel like Call of Duty all this shit that I’m totin’
And it been hard to trust people, ’cause they been livin’ too soulless
To clear my mind, I take a dip in the ocean, clear my soul up
Niggas know I rose up from a Rolls truck
Started from a Chevy, now it’s a ‘Rari with the doors up
Comin’ down on [?] VS diamonds make them hoes lush
Yeah, they got it? Then we got it too, but they still chose us
They had the drop but froze up, they ain’t really cut
Every time somebody die, we shoot the city up
Every time I tell a lie, she gon’ giddy up
That pussy good, I pulled up
I wish you would, I get you tucked
It’s a lot of niggas hatin’, but it’s still plenty us
I treat it like motivation, I just gotta pick it up
I made a vibe and never tell or let a nigga stick me up
And every time I took an L, I double back, one-fifty up
Fifty million dollars, and he ain’t a scholar
They can not fuck with me, try and fuck my baby mommas
How do we stay grindin’ through this fame and crazy drama?
‘Cause I’ma do whatever, [?] and make it to [Miami?]
Rolls with the Hermés, they made it in designer
Birkins on the baddie, I’m just makin’ her look finer
Nigga drop the addy like “We slippin’, we gon’ find ’em”
Catch ’em down bad with them choppers and remind them
I say “You can do this too, if you hustle like I do”
I never cared what niggas did, ’cause they ain’t fuckin’ with my crew
I stayed down for all them nights and hustled hard
Because I knew any moment I could go blow up
Know the prices gotta go up
California nights, and motorcades when I roll up
This the type of shit that make a hating nigga throw up
This the type of shit that make a good girl go up
Sittin’ in the hills, countin’ up a mill’
Dirty North nigga, now I’m rich like Uncle Phil
Fresh Prince of Philly in arenas like I’m Gill’
My dawg always ask me “Since you made it, how it feel?”
I can’t even explain it, I’m just not complainin’
I done made so much money that I can not contain it
I need another accountant to watch my other accountant
The way that money comin’ in, at times can’t even count it
I don’t even check it, I stay humble, count my blessings
Went to jail, few niggas turned they back, I learned my lesson
Been in the game like ten years, and I still ain’t get restless
Last nigga asleep, and the first nigga woke
‘Cause the first nigga asleep, would be the first nigga broke
When the empire crumble, I just dip and I rumble
Had my back to the ropes, but I still didn’t fumble
And I had to be ready when them killers confront you
‘Cause I ain’t down with extortion
We run ’em down with them torches
Picture me lettin’ a broke nigga run down my fortress
Nigga stuck, we spinnin’ up
And run it down on they porches and smokin’ everything
About this food on my plate, I’m talkin’ everything
You see the mood on my face that I ain’t havin’ it
School of hard knocks, I’m a graduate
So I adapt to all them tracks from all them savages
And I keep that metal stuck to me like a magnet
Lead my dreams to chase your dreams and shatter it
The Cosa Nostra, super ultra
On the capo callin’ shots, so they gon’ super soak ya
I just came from LAX, might think I’m doin’ Oprah
Ands still can hang out on the corner with the super vultures
But I choose not to, but if I got to turn back to feed my family
You know what I do, I said, you know what I do
I still go and see my grandma when I got time to
She said “I’m prayin’ for you baby, don’t let ’em Tupac you”
I’m not concerned about who tellin’, or ’bout who shot who
All I know is they cop-
I said all I know is they drop Cullinans, and we cop too
The dealer called, they said “They here”, I want mine Nipsey blue
I love the hood, but I can’t do the shit that Nipsey do
‘Cause when my nigga died, it felt like I seen me too
On the ground bleedin’ out
So when I’m leavin’ out, yeah, I be paranoid, so I gotta keep it out
I’m like Malcolm out the window with that AK peakin’ out, yeah
Bloodshed, nigga’s moms cry
I’m prayin’ every day they hit him when it’s your time
I pray they let us do our thing until it’s your time
But until then, we on defense like it’s ball time

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