Yeah B*tch Lyrics – KayyKilo X DaBaby

Yeah B*tch Lyrics by KayyKilo, DaBaby is the latest English song. The song lyrics were written by KayyKilo, DaBaby while the song is produced by DJ K.i.D.

Yeah B*tch Lyrics

“Yeah B*tch” Track Info:

Song Yeah B*tch
Singer KayyKilo, DaBaby
Produced By DJ K.i.D
Lyrics KayyKilo, DaBaby

Yeah B*tch Lyrics

Bi*ch, I’m a dawg, that’s how I talk (Grr)
My bi8ch, she like when I be cussin’, yeah, bitch (Doo, doo)
She like how I be fu*kin’
I put her forehead on my forehead
Tell lil’ bitch, “This pussy mine,” ain’t no discussion, she like, “Yeah”
That’s what she like when she be nuttin’

Mm, yeah, Kilo
I hit decline up on a nigga
I don’t let ’em waste my time (Nope)
Askin’ all these stupid questions (What?)

Who it for? This pussy mine (This pussy mine, ho)
I been a ten, these niggas know it
Don’t pillow talk, don’t drop a dime
Play, you lay, that’s word to Stunna (Uh, uh-uh, uh)
Yeah, I’m a ten but it’s a nine
Double Gs ’cause I’m Gucci

I set it off like I’m Boosie (Let’s go)
I like a nigg* who nasty (On gang)
And slide to me like he Toosie
I throw it back on a nigg*
My pussy smack on a nigg*
He like, “Mm,” and I’m like, “Yeah”
I make it clap on a nigg*
And that’s a…

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