why do i exist Lyrics – Zevia

why do i exist Lyrics – Zevia is the latest English song. why do i exist song lyrics are written by Zevia while the song is produced by Zevia.

why do i exist Lyrics

why do i exist Song Details:

Song: why do i exist
Singer: Zevia
Produced by: Zevia
Lyrics: Zevia

why do i exist Lyrics

Pale lips
Bags under my eyes
Alone after midnight
Too numb to cry

No friends
At least I can pretend that everyone loves me
Except that’s a lie
What happens when I die?
Will people take their time shedding their tears?
Or did I wast all my years?

What happens if I stay
No promise I’ll be okay
‘Cause life can get hard
And it tears me apart

Wounds behind my back
From people who stabbed me
With hate in their eyes

I’m over
Because I’m a loner
My pain is my closure
Why do I exist?

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