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Try Lyrics – Eddie Vedder

Try Lyrics – Eddie Vedder from “Earthling” album is the latest English song which produced by watt. Try Lyrics are written by Eddie Vedder.

Try Lyrics

Try Song Details:

Song: Try
Album: Earthling
Singer: Eddie Vedder
Produced by : watt
Lyrics: Eddie Vedder

Try Lyrics

One, two, three, four

I could say nothing hurts
That would be a lie
I could say something more
You would deny

I’d beg for forgiveness
But I didn’t do the crime
I will try, try
Baby, I will try
I will try, try
Baby, I will try

Like this, one, two, three, four

Oh, bound by ambition
Burned beneath the light
Oh, open to a tug of war tonight

Oh, I think you would’ve flown
If you didn’t want me home
I will try, try
Baby, I will try
I will try, try
Baby, I will try
Here comes the guilt rising up
And I don’t know, don’t know why
The only word I have an issue with
Is goodbye
Oh, and good men
Good men don’t have to pretend

Oh, lifted with the elements
Earth, sea, and sky
Hidden like the witness in your eyes

Our life is a canyon
Live it deep and wide
I will try, try
Baby, I will try
Oh try, try, baby, I will try
Try, baby I will try

One, two, three, four

Try, try
Try, try
Try, try

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