The Rumbling Lyrics – SiM

The Rumbling Lyrics by SiM is the latest English song. The Rumbling lyrics were written by MAH (SiM) while the song is produced by SiM.

The Rumbling Lyrics

The Rumbling Song Details:

Song The Rumbling
Singer SiM
Produced by SiM
Lyricist MAH (SiM)

The Rumbling Lyrics

Rumbling, rumbling…!
It’s coming
Rumbling, rumbling!
Coming for you!

All I ever wanted to do was do right things
I never wanted to be the king, I swear!
All I ever wanted to do was save your life
I never wanted to grab a knife, I swear! (swear)

(I’m) tearless, (I’m) fearless!
(I’m) burning, (I’m) burning!
You tell me what have I missed?
Still wandering in the deep mist

If I lose it all, slip and fall
I will never look away
If I lose it all, lose it all, lose it all
If I lose it all outside the wall
Live to die another day
I don’t want anything
I’m just here to

Rumbling, rumbling!
It’s coming!
Rumbling, rumbling!

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