Someone Will Lyrics – Hunter Hayes

Someone Will Lyrics by Hunter Hayes is the latest English song produced by Hunter Hayes. Someone Will song lyrics are written by Hunter Hayes. The song was published on 25th January 2023.

Someone Will Lyrics

Someone Will Song Details:

Song:Someone Will
Singer(s):Hunter Hayes
Producer(s):Hunter Hayes
Written by:Hunter Hayes
Label(©):Hunter Hayes

Someone Will Lyrics

Am I the touch you’re missing
The lips you crave
Do you want me closer
Or do you need your space
This hot and cold this back and forth
This on and off ain’t workin
Just shoot it to me straight if you don’t wanna stay

Someone Will
Get every kiss I got to give and
Someone Will
Steal all my time and my attention
If you don’t wanna hold me tight like I’m the only one
Someone will
If you ain’t gonna love me like you’ve never loved someone
Someone will

No there ain’t no pressure
But this ain’t no game
I don’t wanna dive in deep just to
get washed up in a crashing wave
This high and low this push and pull this do and don’ts too much
If you don’t think the side your on is green enough

If you don’t wanna let me love you
Baby someone will
If you don’t wanna be the one and only
Someone will

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Who wrote the lyrics of the “Someone Will” song?

Hunter Hayes has written the lyrics of “Someone Will”

Who is the singer of the “Someone Will” song?

Hunter Hayes has sung the song “Someone Will”

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