Secrets Lyrics – Dolly Parton

Secrets Lyrics – Dolly Parton from “Run Rose Run” album is the latest English song. Secrets song lyrics are written by Dolly Parton while the song is produced by Richard Dennison, Tom Rutledge & Dolly Parton.

Secrets Lyrics

Secrets Song Details:

Song: Secrets
Album: Run Rose Run
Singer: Dolly Parton
Produced by: Richard Dennison, Tom Rutledge & Dolly Parton
Lyrics: Dolly Parton

Secrets Lyrics

Secrets, you’re good at keeping secrets
Especially your own
Aw, come on, open up and let me in
Everybody needs a friend
Want you to know you can depend on me

Secrets, all those things you hold too close
That you’re afraid to share
But I care
Don’t be afraid to open up
I’m someone that you can trust
And I will keep it between us
I swear

No matter what’s gone before
Don’t hold it in one moment more
I’m here to lend a sympathetic ear
Don’t fear
You don’t have to hold inside
Things that need to see the light
I won’t judge or criticize
Just know you’re safe with me
(Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm)

Secrets, you’re good at keeping secrets
Especially your own
You’re not alone
And you’ll feel much better if you try
To put some faith in you and I
I don’t gossip, I don’t lie
Try me
Secrets, I’m good at keepin’ secrets
Especially my own

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