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r u sure? Lyrics – B.o.B

r u sure? Lyrics – B.o.B is the latest English song. r u sure? song Lyrics are written by B.o.B while the song is produced by B.o.B.

r u sure? Lyrics

r u sure? Song Details:

Song: r u sure?
Singer: B.o.B
Produced by: B.o.B
Lyrics: B.o.B

r u sure? Lyrics

Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide
Gonna find you and-

Take the jab, take the vax, take a vote
Just- just do it, just do it
You’ll be fine, just do it, take a jab, just do it
Just- just do it
Imma Lemmon Pepper [?]
This ain’t even in the constitution
They keep you from your bread like allergic to the gluten
Everybody do it, fuck what everybody’s doing
They couldn’t take me out
Shadow-ban, they try to mute it
[?] do it
Taking drugs [?] sound like legal prostitution
Then they say it’s simulation
First, they said it’s evolution
Science switched it up soon as n***as catch up to it
I do it

Are you sure?
Are you sure?
It’s five in the morning and I’m on [?] dose
[?] shrooms, shrooms
Yeah, I thought that I was outside
But I’m still here inside my room, room

I trust a bitch, so I um-, so I ever um-
For I ever trust a congressman, a senator, the police
Take a pick
I never trust the same motherfucker [?] crack, gave you project, gave you [?]
Can you read the room, n***a
I can hear these walls talk
When I use my sixth-sense, this is not a coin toss
Controlled opposition
Get you scared, unsure, that’s the lore
Start the virus, sell the cure, reassure
[?] or the war

Are you sure?
Police, they already here
Are you sure?
Metaverse, already here
Are you sure?
Man, what the fuck you’re talking about?
Are you sure?
[?] locked in your house
Are you sure?

[?] don’t be stupid, just [?]
Make music, make music
[?] don’t be stupid, don’t be stupid
Make music, make- make music

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