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Placebo Effect Lyrics by d4vd is a newly released English song produced by Dan Darmawan. The latest song Placebo Effect lyrics are written by d4vd. The song was published on 8th February 2023.

Placebo Effect Lyrics

Placebo Effect Song Details:

Song: Placebo Effect
Singer(s): d4vd
Produced by: Dan Darmawan
Written by: d4vd
Label(©): Darkroom Records & Interscope Records

Placebo Effect Lyrics

Days go by
So rapidly
Oh, won’t you comfort me
I know what we had
It was make believe, oh
A placebo
I can’t take a loss like that again
I’d rather float off in the wind

But maybe this is how
It’s supposed to be
I guess we’ll see

On the other side
Where the grass seems to be greener
On the other side
Where my rib cage could be cleaner
On the other side
Where the light will not go out
Oh on the other side
Othеr side

Take my time
Plеase stop rushing me
For company
I can’t figure it out
I need you here but you’re not near

I can’t I can’t
I can’t I can’t

Remember what was a dream
Or a memory love isn’t real
Not to me, not to me

Oh, oh, oh oh
It was make believe
Oh, a placebo

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