Only Our Love Lyrics – Tamino

Only Our Love Lyrics by Tamino is a Newly released English song from the “Sahar” album. Only Our Love Lyrics are penned by Tamino while the song is produced by Jo Francken, PJ Maertens & Tamino.

Only Our Love Lyrics

Only Our Love Song Details:

Song: Only Our Love
Album: Sahar
Singer(s): Tamino
Produced by: Jo Francken, PJ Maertens & Tamino
Written by: Tamino
Label: Djinn Records

Only Our Love Lyrics

I got my sin and you got your sorrow
They’re born from the din and come out at night
And they claim a debt on the rising of morrow
And only our love can suffice
Yes only our love can suffice

I’m a recluse and you, you love people
You say there’s no excuse for hiding away
Though there’s common sense in being a heathen
Only your love makes me stray
Yes only your love makes me stray
And I’m trying to find good reason
Not to end up in denial
And then I realize you’ve been standing there a while
Wearing nothing but your love

I got my words and you got your feelings
You’re such a flirt and I’m such a fool
Guess you know the cards since you are the dealer
Well baby, will our love rule?
Is it true that our love will rule?

`Cause I’m trying to find my reason
But I end up in despair
And then I notice you doing that thing with your hair
And I got nothing on my mind but love
I got nothing on my mind but love

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