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older Lyrics by ​​Isabel LaRosa is a newly released English song produced by Thomas LaRosa. The latest song older Lyrics is written by ​​Isabel LaRosa & Thomas LaRosa. The music video was published on September 15, 2023.

older Lyrics

older Song Details:

Song: older
Singer(s): ​​Isabel LaRosa
Produced by: Thomas LaRosa
Written by: ​​Isabel LaRosa & Thomas LaRosa
Label: Slumbo Labs & RCA Records

older Lyrics

think i need someone older
just a little bit colder
take the weight off your shoulders
think i need someone older

am i your little secret
i’m old enough to keep it

yeah, guys my age just aren’t the same
i’m young and that’s okay

hold me while you wipe my tears
you say i’m wise beyond my years

i know i’m younger
as your lover
but i’ve always wanted a man
for the summer
age is a number
my dear i know you’ll understand

older Song Video

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