Night Of The Living Dead Lyrics – Montana of 300

Night Of The Living Dead Lyrics by Montana of 300 is the latest English song from the album “Rap God”. Night Of The Living Dead lyrics were written by Montana of 300 while the song is produced by DeCicco Beats.

Night Of The Living Dead Lyrics

Night Of The Living Dead Song Details:

Song Night Of The Living Dead
Album Rap God
Singer Montana of 300
Produce by DeCicco Beats
Lyricist Montana of 300

Night Of The Living Dead Lyrics

This is the night of the living dead
This is the night of the living dead
When you see that light, that’s that infrared
You see dots on his face that ain’t Trippie Redd
This is the night of the living dead
This is the night of the living dead
Gave him wings with this drum not a chicken leg
No beautician, put clips in some nigga’s dreads
If they keep on cappin’ like cold brown
We gon’ pull up, them windows gon’ roll down
It can sing, it can blow, don’t get blown down
By this gun that I cock, Musiq Soulchild
Ask for smoke, made ’em pay, like I sold loud
Sent a round at his top like a headband
Any nigga act live, he a dead man
He got cooked like he meth, now he red man
Like a Muslim that piece be up on me
.50 spit, got more power than Tommy
A opp will get nailed, he better not be foolish
Or this bitch gon’ sing like Ashanti
Known to cook him on sight like hibachi
Dump, lay him down, you’ll see men on the concrete
I been wildin’ since I was a youngin’
RIP they homie, then ball like I’m Chauncey
I’m just being the light, I’ma be here for life
I got bars, tell ’em niggas come find me
They watch when I’m splurging, no washing detergent
Drip on my clothes like its laundry
Bitch I snap every show like I’m Fonzie
Bitches reachin’ for me like a zombie
Wanna give me that cookie, Taraji
I switch kicks like I’m Mr. Miyagi
Get a check for the walkthrough, huarache
Even my haters rewind me
Even Kanye wanna sign me
Wanna invest the green on me like Tommy
That’s why I don’t listen to what people say
They don’t know I learned that shit from Jon B
My music can heal ’em, drop jewels like I’m Hitler
Rap God, I’m the one you cannot see
Those words that they write don’t define me
You’ll believe anything when your mind’s weak
They charge all of that money for college
You think they gon’ give you the truth about God free?
This is the night of the living dead
This is the night of the living dead
Thought I wrote with a pencil, never rode with pistols
Until you fuck niggas start feelin’ lead
And when shit had got hot, niggas stayed in the house
And took cover, you’d swear they was sick in bed
I’m the illest, bitch, fuck what your clinic said
This is the night of the living, hoo!
You do not want smoke, I ain’t passin’ a hookah
You’ll die on that road like I’m crashin’ into ya
Catch bullets like Moss, I ain’t passin’ it to ya
I’m good with the rocket, Steve Francis at Houston
Get killed in yo’ sleep, I can make that shit happen
I’ll take off yo’ top, ain’t no cappin’, I’m Krueger
Ain’t gotta pursue ya, give cash to my shooter
That ratchet go booyah, yo’ family will view ya
The niggas that’s fake really after yo’ mula
I cut off some snakes, I done battled Medusa
Show love to my homies, some of ’em quit on me
Seen more come and go than the back of an Uber
Don’t fuck with my Cheetos, I come thru like Cleo
I know you remember what happened to Luther
Dressin’ like I just got back from the future
I been ballin hard like the statue of Buddha
Hoo, my pockets fat as Rasputia
Got more racks than Hooters, I laugh at you losers
Yo’ bitch see this paper, I don’t need to date her
I bet I’ma crack like I’m hackin’ computers
This is the night of the living dead
This is the night of the living dead
Take you there in the booth like I’m Bill & Ted
I’m the reason that all you rap niggas scared
Way before I blew up I was gettin’ bread
I got more pounds off than Jenny Craig
Big bucks, to be honest, my money so tall
When we walk through the door, he might hit his head
Whores on me for sho’ like I’m Mr. Ed
Had to floss on ’em, just like my dentist said
Made ’em go to sleep mad, call that pissed in bed
Nigga, this is the night of the living, hoo!

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