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NDA Lyrics In English, Sung by Billie Eilish. Music & lyrics were written by Finneas O’Connell. Directed by Billie Eilish.

NDA Lyrics

NDA Lyrics

Did You Think I’d Show Up In A Limousine
No Had To Save My Money For Security
Got A Stalker Walkin Up And Down The Street

Says He’s Satan And He’d Like To Meet
I Bought A Secret House When I Was 17
Haven’t Had A Party Since I Got The Keys
Had A Pretty Boy Over But He Couldn’t Stay
On His Way Out Made Him Sign An Nda Yeah

I Made Him Sign An Nda
Once Was Good Enough
‘Cause I Don’t Want
Him Having Shit To Say

You Couldn’t Save Me
But You Can’t Let Me Go
I Can Crave You
But You Don’t Need To Know

30 Under 30 For Another Year
I Can Barely Go Outside
I Think I Hate It Here
Maybe I Should
Think About A New Career

Somewhere In Kauai
Where I Can Disappear
I’ve Been Having Fun
Getting Older Now

Didn’t Change My Number
Made Him Shut His Mouth
At Least I Gave Him
Something He Can Cry About

I Thought About My Future
But I Want It Now
Want It Now
You Can’t Give Me Up

You Couldn’t Save Me
But You Can’t Let Me Go
I Can Crave You
But You Don’t Need To Know

Did I Take It Too Far
Now I Know What You Are
You Hit Me So Hard I Saw Stars
Think I Took It Too Far

When I Sold You My Heart
How’d It Get So Dark
I Saw Stars Stars

Written by:
FINNEAS & Billie Eilish


“NDA” Track Info:

SongNDA Lyrics
SingerBillie Eilish
LyricsFinneas O’Connell
MusicFinneas O’Connell
DirectorBillie Eilish
Music LabelDarkroom Records

NDA” Music Video

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AxomLyrics FAQs & Trivia

Who sung the “NDA” song?

“NDA” Song is sung by “Billie Eilish”.

Who has Written the “NDA” song?

“NDA Lyrics” is written by “FINNEAS & Billie Eilish”.

Who composed the music of the “NDA” song?

“FINNEAS” composed the music of the “NDA” song.

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