My Animus (Interlude) Lyrics – Iggy Pop

My Animus (Interlude) Lyrics by Iggy Pop from the “EVERY LOSER” album is a Newly released English song. My Animus (Interlude) Lyrics are written by Iggy Pop & ​watt while the song is produced by watt. The song was published on January 6, 2023.

My Animus (Interlude) Lyrics

My Animus (Interlude) Song Details:

Song: My Animus (Interlude)
Singer(s): Iggy Pop
Produced by: watt
Written by: Iggy Pop & ​watt
Label:  Iggy Pop
Release Date: January 6, 2023

My Animus (Interlude) Lyrics

I’m not some flimsy, stray-town straw boy
I’m a terror
My animus can stand up all on its own
To smell out and find the saucer of milk and drink it all

My Animus (Interlude) Song Video

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