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Mudd Baby Lyrics – Icewear Vezzo

Mudd Baby Lyrics by Icewear Vezzo is the latest English song. The song lyrics were written by Icewear Vezzo while the song was produced by David Bendeth.

Mudd Baby Lyrics

“Mudd Baby” Track Info:

Song Mudd Baby
Album Mayday
Singer Rich Off Pints 2
Produced By Icewear Vezzo
Lyrics Alejandra Villarreal, Paulina Villarreal, Daniela Villarreal

Mudd Baby Lyrics

Ca$h out, what it do?
Back again
Iced Up Records

Yeah, lay in yo’ shit
Quick to blow on that chopper, it just stay on shit
Fuck the coppers, oppers like a butler, I just wait on shit
Goofy niggas trappin’ for three weeks and still ain’t made some shit

I got so much frost on this new Rollie like I sprayed a wrist
No thirty-six, we rock forty-ones all day and date a bitch
Made me like five million in one year, bitch, I was made for this
Fuck the talkin’, never do no lackin’, up and spray the blick

Flashin’ hella jewelry at yo’ show, we come and takin’ shit
Hm, ooh, bitch, I do major shit
All this jewelry light up my whole neck, look like the Vegas Strip
Rеal rasta, bought me a new mansion, cost me еighty bricks
You in the streets and still ain’t touched a mil’, you on some lazy shit

Crack a seal, finna drink it all, ain’t on no savin’ shit
Mix the Fendi up with that Dior, I love that Bathing shit
Hit the road, took ten thousand pills between bangin’ Tris
Told my bitch to stuff it in her coochie, had to train a bitch
Stretch the work, do that shit like yoga, that’s my trainer bitch

Turn that chopper up like a lil’ kid, I bend and spank some shit
You the opposite of number two, that mean you ain’t the shit
Hit the club and throw me up ten racks, I love the rain and shit
Ghetto girl and she got a fatty, that’s my favorite bitch

Got the same bottles in my kitchen, that’s my baby sip
Got extension on me, it hold thirty, end up paintin’ shit
My mama said I got some screws loose, I need some maintenance
Private jet, oh, we in first class, ain’t on no basic shit

Fucked around and got another opp, he on the waiting list
All my homies play in the background because they ain’t legit
Lot of habits, need to quit my cup, I can’t be taking this
Ooh, yeah, I never fake with stick
Pour me up a three in a cream soda, this a Faygo twist

Niggas in the game and fallin’ out on some flagrant shit
How you gang and go against the guys? Yeah, that’s plagiarist
Pop a xanny, mix it with a flat, love the zapin’ shit
Hella shooters blow shit like a hookah, love to vape and shit

Told her I can’t love you like my drink but love yo’ nakedness
Grinded long but this shit paying off, yeah, that’s what patience get
Catch ’em flexing, we gon’ get to steppin’, Alpha Beta shit
Baby Glock, the clip that’s pokin’ out look like a taser stick
Cuddy told me if he wacked a witness, get the case dismissed
Brick or dog, break it down in chunks, it look like bagel bits (Like bagel bits)

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