Make Believe Lyrics – Saba feat. Fousheé

Make Believe Lyrics by Saba feat. Fousheé is the latest English song from the album “Few Good Things”. Make Believe lyrics were written by Fousheé & Saba while the song is produced by Saba, Daoud & ​​daedaePIVOT.

Make Believe Lyrics

Make Believe Track Info:

Song: ​​Make Believe
Album: Few Good Things
Singer: Saba feat. Fousheé
Produce by: Saba, Daoud & ​​daedaePIVOT
Lyrics: Fousheé & Saba

Make Believe Lyrics

It’s your mother, call me back when you can, [?]
Hey, it’s your mother, call me when you get a chance
Talk to you later, love you, bye
Hey, you, call your mother as soon as you can, yeah

I got everything I could ever need
And I try to keep that in mind anytime I meet a man tryna sell a dream
It ain’t no one tellin’ me what to sing (No)
And the people around me got better things
To do with they life then tellin’ me what I should do in the rhyme
Instead of being with my family, I was in Canada, I was in Tokyo
I didn’t know before I learned as much as I love to perform at the shows
It’s the people close I gotta show it for
Just lost a friend to an overdose
Made me question what I’m even sober for
‘Cause I used to think I was scared to die, but I don’t even know no more
Look ma, I made it, it’s like we dreamed
Look ma, I made it, it’s make believe
Your boy in the land of fancy house and my car don’t got a key
Some people I want to be proud of me (Yeah)
And walk on this earth and that shatters me (Yeah)
But I learned to imagine things so I feel it when they lookin’ after me (Yeah)
My heart used to be filled with jealousy for what others had, amongst other things
And then when y’all sit in the same room, you realize they ain’t what they seem
Yeah, uh

Look ma, I made it, it’s like we dreamed
Look ma, I made it, it’s make believe
‘Cause Black boys on this side of town not supposed to be on the front page of the newspaper (Newspaper)
For doin’ greater (Doin’ greater)
I spent a lot of time wonderin’ who will save us
It’s food on the table, I’m grateful, I give a fuck ’bout a label
Yeah, they put a mill’ on the table but my granny really put meals on the table

Westside right on time
We can play make believe just like we did when we were five
Save those looks for a [?] in time
Do what feels right
Do what, do what (Yeah)
Compliments don’t get me high
Sometimes, I get overwhelmed and I feel I want to hide
Fall in love when you’re forty-five
And now, do what feels right
Do what, do what

I gotta grow into these shoes
I got a lot to lose now
I made all these things tangible
It’s why I can’t fuck with make believes, too much pressure for me
Why I can’t fuck with—
Why I can’t fuck with—
Too much pressure for me (I can’t fuck with—)
That’s too much pressure on me
There’s too much [?] (I can’t fuck with—)
There’s too much pressure on me
Why I can’t fuck with

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