Lick Me Baby Lyrics – NLE Choppa

Lick Me Baby Lyrics – NLE Choppa is the latest English song from the album “Me vs. Me”. Lick Me Baby lyrics were written by Johnny Goldstein & NLE Choppa while the song is produced by Johnny Goldstein.

Lick Me Baby Lyrics

Lick Me Baby Song Details:

Song Lick Me Baby
Album Me vs. Me
Singer NLE Choppa
Produce by Johnny Goldstein
Lyricist Johnny Goldstein & NLE Choppa

Lick Me Baby Lyrics


This dick make you crazy
Don’t you tempt me baby
Cause this Glock ain’t got safety

Three-hundred and sixty-five days, I gotta get it in
Twelve months straight I told my killer that he gotta spin
Fifty-two weeks, ain’t got no sleep, I’m counting Benjamins
Every day a new bitch on my skin want me to stick it in
All my Glocks they [?] ’cause they spray the same, but different Gens
Told the bitch she can’t get in
Two-seater coupe, me and her friend
How you jackin’ on me now, but wasn’t fuckin’ with me then?
Now that bitch be clockin’ out, but my money keep coming in
Disrespectful nigga when I hit her, lеft it on her face
Disrespеctful killer, post up where he died the next day
Disrespect my nigga, we hit yo’ block ’til it’s blown away
Respectfully, you better respect me like your elders say
Stomp him out
Give that boy the beats, call him Dr Dre
Gun him out, make him suck a bullet out it like he gay
Point him up, tap me on my shoulder, I hop out and spray
Walk ’em down, hit his leg first so he can’t get away
Youngest nigga in the club, but the glizzy older than me
Stripper bitch show me love like-
I want you to lick a nigga, look alive
Got Dracos on Shelby Drive
Pass me the .45 clip, leave a hole in ’em like ditch

This dick make you crazy
Don’t you tempt me baby
‘Cause this Glock ain’t got safety

Ayy, ayy, ayy, lick me, fuck me, touch me, suck me, slut me
Not more lovey-dovey, just want [?]
Addicted to pussy, I am a druggie
Dark skin, sweet on the inside, my nutty buddy
Suck on my Glock like you suck my cock, that shit done turned me on
She get freaky up when she seen my flash on my camera phone
Cum on this dick, know it’s a long journey, but it’s [?]
Jump up and down on it until yo’ [?] blown

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