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Just Left The Hamptons Lyrics – Yo Gotti

Just Left The Hamptons Lyrics by Yo Gotti is the latest English song. Just Left The Hamptons lyrics were written by LondnBlue, Tahj Money, TouchofTrent & Yo Gotti while the song is produced by TouchofTrent, Tahj Money & LondnBlue.

Just Left The Hamptons Lyrics

Just Left The Hamptons Track Info:

Song: Just Left The Hamptons
Album: CM10: Free Game
Singer: Yo Gotti
Produce by: TouchofTrent, Tahj Money & LondnBlue
Lyrics: LondnBlue, Tahj Money, TouchofTrent & Yo Gotti

Just Left The Hamptons Lyrics

Aah, I don’t wanna fight
Baby I’m just fine
I don’t need you anymore
Man, nigga got ’em
I’ma tell all my lil’ niggas, they got to level up
You know what I’m sayin’?
(TouchofTrent be wildin’ with it)

Billion dollar mind frame (Yeah), hunnid thousand chump change
Gunpowder on my sleeve (Sleeve) and I ain’t been to a gun range
All these diamonds real as me, they certified (Certified)
Ain’t ducking no problems, just identify (Identify)
All these bitches fuck with you, yeah, business-wise (Business-wise)
They say you pay good just to get inside
Nigga, you a trick where I’m from
To a bitch, you a lick where I’m from
You can’t even visit where I’m from
Picture having five hunnid thousand on your arm
One-fifty on your chain, another seventy in your charm
Picture having switches on your gun
Once you pull that trigger, it’s a drum and can’t nobody run
Get away from it
Play with me, you got a date on it (For real)
I tell a bitch to wait on it, bitch, I ain’t your player homies
On another note, I just left The Hamptons
Landed in my city private, me and my accountants
Michael Rubin just inspired me (For real)
All white party, what’s the earning
That I thought getting a hunnid bricks was ill (Well, it is)
Nigga a hunnid mill’ in the crib (Ugh), damn

This like ’96 off (96)
I used to have the money in the loft (In ’06)
Housing bitches with the work, that was law
Worry when in one jump and I sold the sauce (Sold it raw)
And when you won, you don’t gotta say you a boss, nigga
It’s in your moves, never play to lose
I graduated streets and school
Clean look, college cut, half a ticket, I was moving smooth, nigga
Seen in you in my school, nigga
Ask my teachers ’bout me, this ain’t nothing new, nigga (Nothing new, nigga)
Most likely to succeed (I am)
First semester college, got a thousand pounds of weed
Yeah, I have more gas than Texaco
College dropout, I went to study business out in Mexico
You know, yeah, yeah, you know
But on another note, I landed in The Hamptons with a Draco
My mind fucked up, I gotta let these streets go
Emotions don’t feel safe, I don’t think so
I’d rather be prepared than not be ready
I come from a world where shit get deadly
Before I be a corpse, I’d be a celly (Yeah)
And I’d rather rot before I tell it (Tell it)
This no regular AP, this a skele’ (Skele’)
Yeah, nigga, this the Holy Grail
Like Amazon Prime, I’ll send it through the mail
Zip so tight, you’d think you had no sense of smell
Street niggas sending rap money to the jails
If I win a award, tell BET I want a scale
I wanna represent the streets, I wanna represent them bells
I went platinum in that kitchen, bringing it down, watchin’ it gel

I’m with the Krafts in The Hamptons, what the hell (The hell)
Shit crazy
Anything possible nigga, you know what I’m sayin’
Real dope boy, nigga
And I just left The Hamptons

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