Issa’s Tale Lyrics – Jazmine Sullivan

Issa’s Tale Lyrics – Jazmine Sullivan from “Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales: The Deluxe” album is the latest English song which produced by Jazmine Sullivan. Issa’s Tale Lyrics are written by Jazmine Sullivan.

Issa’s Tale Lyrics

Issa’s Tale Song Details:

Song: Issa’s Tale
Album: Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales: The Deluxe
Singer: Jazmine Sullivan
Produced by : Jazmine Sullivan
Lyrics: Jazmine Sullivan

Issa’s Tale Lyrics

I was dating this guy, and there came a time
As our relationship progressed, where he got this job overseas
And so we had to decide whether or not we were gonna keep the relationship going or just end it now
And then that fateful day came, when he had to fly overseas
So he asked me to come to his apartment and help them pack
And I did
And I knew that I wanted to go out with a bang
Because, you know, we had said that we were gonna continue this relationship
But I think we both knew that after that night
That was the last time we were gonna see each other again
And so, it was really important to me that the night be magical
And that it be the best sex that we ever had
And so I started to initiate it, you know, kissing our hand, rubbing our hand
And we went to the bedroom, and I was like
“Ooh, it’s ’bout to go down”
And when I tell you he gave me three to four pumps maximum before he came
And then rolled over and then he flew out the next morning
I was livid
I was angry sweating, like not even good sweat
The sweat that I deserved, it was just pure rage sweat
And it was because I felt like he had used me
He knew what I wanted, and he just pumped me and dumped me
I’m so glad I was cheatin’ on him

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