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Is It You Lyrics by iann dior is the latest English song from the album “on to better things”. Is It You lyrics were written by iann dior & Brian Lee while the song is produced by Brian Lee.

Is It You Lyrics

Is It You Song Details:

Song Is It You
Album on to better things
Singer iann dior
Produce by Brian Lee
Lyricist iann dior & Brian Lee

Is It You Lyrics

Who am I? Who are you? Why you here tonight?
Another time, another place, layin’ in the rain
And then the waves started crashing the walls in my mind
There’s nothing left that I could do
So fuck a watch, fuck a chain, don’t need none of that (I need you)
Found a bomb, and found the love, that brought me down inside
And then the walls started crashing, you can’t be replaced
Or maybe it’s all in my head

‘Cause you
You let me listen and you left me wandering, oh, oh
And why
Am I still standing on the same ground as you? I don’t know
Is it you, is it you, is it you (Shit, I don’t know)

She had my mind twisted
Head spinning, I’m over my limit
Watching the clocks spinning (ohh)
I lost all feeling, I’m finna wild out
I know we fought finished
We came too far to end it, yeah yeah yeah
Looking for some peace, don’t know where to go
Praying for some peace, looking for some love
But I never can ’cause it’s hard to find
Oh I wish there was a way that I could hit rewind
But I can’t because I been running off an empty tank
And I’ve seen enough to hurt me for eternity
Got no choice but to try and find another way
I know that they’ll never be another way, ooh, ooh
Got me going down down down down down down, ooh, ooh
Chains dragging on the ground ground ground, ooh

Cause’ you, you let me listen and you left me wandering, oh
And why am I still standing on the same ground as you, I don’t know
Is it you, is it you

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