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Rod Wave Ion Wanna Hear It Lyrics – Ion Wanna Hear It Lyrics Written By Rod Wave, Song Sung By Artist Rod Wave, Song Produced By Producers TnTXD, ProducedbyJb & KD6, Released On 20 August 2021 And Music Label By Alamo Records.

Ion Wanna Hear It Lyrics

“Ion Wanna Hear It” Track Info:

SongIon Wanna Hear It Lyrics
Album SoulFly Deluxe
SingerRod Wave
LyricsRod Wave
MusicTnTXD, ProducedbyJb & KD6
Music LabelAlamo Records

Ion Wanna Hear It Lyrics

Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah

This my third phone number for the month
Tryna play me like I’m crazy, bitch, I ain’t the one
I need some space, can’t find no peace when everybody here
One for the loyalty of my brothers, I’d disappear
One for the love of my two daughters, I’d leave this Earth
I tried drugging when I’m thugging but that make it worse
Back to back rolling up that weed, I’m lost in my thoughts
Thinking ’bout my life and in my life I’m so fucking lost
They never ask me how I’m feeling, just asking for money
I tell ’em yeah, I tell ’em no, they gon’ look at me funny
Can’t get along with my old lady, it’s hurting me bad
I never wanted to end up like my mama and dad
We party hard like rock stars ’cause I’m the man now
Got so much money, would they leave me if it ran out?
That ho gon’ fake like she fuck with me, that’s a damn lie
She got her ass tooted up and her hands out
They all smilin’, how I know if they rockin’ with me
Or they tryna solve they financial problems with me?
If I don’t answer my phone, they gon’ think I’m flawed
But wasn’t nobody to call on when this shit was raw
Back against the wall, I stay in my lane and I do my thing, I know they hate it
Why they callin’ my phone talkin’ rumors and hatred?
I get mad, they try to use my name to get my fame
I should knock that bitch out for playing games

If it don’t get me paid, if it ain’t ’bout my daughters
Won’t heal my pain or don’t free my partners
Then I don’t wanna hear the shit
I got enough shit I’m dealing with, look
If it don’t make no money or solve no problems
All ’bout hatred and all ’bout drama
I don’t wanna hear the shit, no
I got enough shit I’m dealing with

No, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah, yeah, oh, oh
Thuggin’, mane, fuck it

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