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Immaculate Lyrics – YN Jay

Immaculate Lyrics In English, Sung by YN Jay. Music is given by Marc Boomin. The song lyrics were written by Marc Boomin, YN Jay.

Immaculate Lyrics

Immaculate Lyrics

Marc Boomin! This You?
Mark, Man, Why You Do That, Man?

Why Would You Do That
Mark Boomin, Man?
You Did It Again, Man
You Did It Again, Man
Yeah! Aye!

I Can Tell A Bich To Come Here Without Speaking Raise My Eyes, Tell A Bich To Come Here Without Blinking
If I Said I Was Off Drank, I Was Not Drinking
If I Said I’m In The Sunken Place, I Was Not Sinking

Told My White Bich Get The Fck Out Without Speaking
I Can Beat The Whole Game Without Cheating
Drop A Song Every Day Of The Month, It’s Not Leaking
Why The F*ck You Think I Dropped Out Of School?
I’m Not Reading

Like A Baby, I Be Sucking On Some Titties, Not Teething
Hit The Dog With The Dog, But You Know I’m Not Breeding
Like A Nigga Underwater, Hold Your Breath, Stop Brеathing
Know A Nigga Went To Jail For No Reason
Me And Krimеy Stopped Thinking

Bi*ch, I Know You Told Something, Stop Blinking
Bow Was A1 Vacuum-sealed, It’s Not Reeking
I Just Woke Up To A Nightmare, I’m Not Dreaming
You Got Caught Tryna Do A B&E, You Not Sneaky

Caught A Bich Tryna Steal Out My Pants, You Not Sneaky Nigga, How The Fck Is You Fred Brother? You Not Titi
Pulled Up With Lil Larry, Four-wheeler Popping Wheelies
Bi*ch Bought Some Boobs Off The Internet, Shopping Titties

I Just Pulled Up With A Half A Hundred, Dropped A Fifty
If You See Me Dozing Off, I Was High, I’m Not Sleepy
Bich Pulled Up With A Gucci Rug, It’s Dashiki Make My Fat Bich Chase You Down The Street, It’s Dashiki

Nigga Said His Pop Dirty, Yours Tris, It’s Not Kiki
I Was Probably With My Bich In The Club, That’s Wakiki Coochie Man A Superhero, Bich, I’m Marvel Like DC
Tell A Story, I Can Take It Way Back Like B.C.

Bad Bich, She A Strawberry Like Kiwi What You Want, Bich?
I Can Grant Your Wish Like Genie
Take A Bad Bich Swimming She Look Better In Bikini Make A Movie With Your Bich
Wear My Glasses, This Shit 3D

I Just Made A Touchdown
It Sound Better Than A TD
Bi*ch Sent A Face Picture
It Look Better With Your Titties
I’m In Flint With A Bentley
It Look Better In My City
I Just Bought A Big Crib
It Look Better In Miami

Before I Leave This World, Bich I Better Win A Grammy I Don’t Want No Bich My Age
I Look Better With Your Granny
Who That Nigga Talking Crazy?
Bi*ch, That Better Be Your Daddy

How The Fck I’m Twenty-one Living Better Than Your Daddy? Bich, Send Me Your Location And It Better Not Be An Addy
2020 Escalade, Bich, That Better Be A Caddy Bich Say She With My Cousin, Bi*ch
You Better Be With Fatty

Riding Around With Scooby Doo
Bi*ch, You Better Be With Shaggy…

Written by:
Marc Boomin, YN Jay

ImmaculateTrack Info:

SongImmaculate Lyrics
SingerYN Jay
LyricsMarc Boomin, YN Jay
MusicMarc Boomin
GenreHip-Hop (Rap)
Music LabelYN Jay

Immaculate” Music Video

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AxomLyrics FAQs & Trivia

Who sung the “Immaculate” song?

“Immaculate” Song is sung by YN Jay.

Who has Written the “Immaculate” song?

“Immaculate Lyrics” is written by Marc Boomin, YN Jay.

Who given the music of the “Immaculate” song?

Marc Boomin has composed the music for the song “Immaculate”.

When was the song “Immaculate” release?

“Immaculate” song release on “12th August 2021”.

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