Half Moon Mornings Lyrics – CurrenSy & The Alchemist

Half Moon Mornings Lyrics – CurrenSy & The Alchemist from “Continuance” album is the latest English song which produced by The Alchemist. Half Moon Mornings Lyrics are written by The Alchemist & Curren$y.

Half Moon Mornings Lyrics

Half Moon Mornings Song Details:

Song: Half Moon Mornings
Album: Continuance
Singer: CurrenSy & The Alchemist
Produced by: The Alchemist
Lyrics: The Alchemist & Curren$y

Half Moon Mornings Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, keep the E in it, Chevys on switches
Baby, we smoking in it, don’t post me in your pictures
If you can keep a secret, we can always kick it
Yeah, yeah

She was in a tennis skirt dirty dancing, in her Stan Smith
She knew that I was the man here, this her chance here
Wasn’t just about to stand here, then we disappear
My car like another planet
This the east side, you don’t wan’ get left here stranded
When it get late, them Uber drivers gon’ be cancelling
And the boys outside gon’ catch whoever lacking
No picks and chooses, homie, they just gotta have it
Tahitian trees
Get the champagne out the cooler ‘fore it freeze
Tell them hoes we finna leave
Recessed lighting, round table writing
I pictured the listening session for it while I was still in here rhyming
I could tell this project would be received well
I could smell, I ain’t gon’ smoke that bullshit that you tryna sell
Raindrops in the bezel, my watch was under the weather
On the dock rolling pressure, sending stocks to my competitors
There’s a message for stretchin’ it to more
Saturday night special, flow top drawer

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