Good Problems Lyrics – Derin Falana

Good Problems Lyrics by Derin Falana is a Newly released English song. Good Problems Lyrics are penned by Derin Falana while the song is produced by Derin Falana. The song was published on January 13, 2023.

Good Problems Lyrics

Good Problems Song Details:

Song: Good Problems
Singer(s): Derin Falana
Produced by: Derin Falana
Written by: Derin Falana
Label: Derin Falana

Good Problems Lyrics

It’s that

How did life get so fuckin’ entertainin’?
How you act get borin’ when I entertain it?
I told you this arrangement was for entertainement
My demons back, we all gettin’ reacquainted, ooh
I did ’em at the toe in case you ain’t know, huh
I’m lyin’ if I ever tell you, “Same ol'”, huh
Gold rings lookin’ like the late show, uh
I might need a [?] word to J. Cole, huh (J. Cole)
She do all the angles they teach in class
That’s the only time I ever think of math
I need all of my ones, is that too much to ask?
I’m that nigga, is that concept too much to grasp?
If you ask me why I’m too busy for love
I’ll tell you the same reason you too drunk in the club
We just went from what could be to let it be what it was
The answer to “why?” these days is usually “just because”
I hear a buzz, that’s the front desk callin’ to check if I’m off the drugs (Ayy)
‘Cause tonight I just had, well
You the ones where the words start to sound like these women speakin’ in tongues
And the walk turns into a two-step
Somebody else gotta be prayin’ for me, I’m too blessed (Yeah)
How did everything that I was lookin’ for find me (What?)
The one thing I can say, “Isn’t this timely?” (Yeah)
I’ve been in the graveyard runnin’ with zombies
The hot wave beside a silhouette and some palm trees
Then the driver skrrt around the [?], I’m leanin’
NOBU by the wave just to start my evening
I just wanna give her somethin’ she could believe in
It ain’t that all that, you still want even
My life a dream, girl, but you not dreamin’
You’re all-access pass ’cause this my season
You know I’m from the way up, North place
The OG Timbs and North Face
I flare like I’m duckin’ a court case
I was really thinkin’ out the box on niggas
Truthfully the side know I’m not most niggas
I changed my mind, I still want the Wagon
Might cop the Urus, all these good problems (Yeah)
Am I not supposed to solve ’em?

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