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Good Day (Wake Up) Lyrics by NEFFEX is the latest English song. Good Day (Wake Up) song lyrics are written by NEFFEX while the song is produced by NEFFEX.

Good Day (Wake Up) Lyrics

Good Day (Wake Up) Song Details:

Song: Good Day (Wake Up)
Singer(s): NEFFEX
Produced by: NEFFEX
Written by: NEFFEX
Label(©): NEFFEX

Good Day (Wake Up) Lyrics

Step 1
Wake up, early rise, gonna rise with the sun
Step 2
Get something good, some food in you
Step 3
Think real hard bout what you wanna be
Step 4
Yea f*** everybody just do your thang

Wake up! Today’s gonna be a good day x8

Set your affirmations
I got shit to do
The aftermath of preparation
Good food, good mood
Blood in circulation
One step at a time, yea that’s how you make it
Set a goal you control and the steps you take‘em
I try to pick one thought have some concentration
And if I make a mistake it’s called education
I try to do this every day, call it replication

(Wake up! Today’s gonna be a good day) -8x

So life ain’t easy oh
I think there’s a reason tho
Ups and down
Just like every different season yo
Sometimes I’m high
Other times I’m barely breathing tho
I always gotta fight and hide from the demons yo
Negative thoughts
Are poison they rot uh
Head full of flaws
So here come the claws
They’ll never stop unless I can swap
All the bad for the good in my head when I’m lost

Yeah, so imma fake till I make it
Positive thoughts are overtaking I got patience
One day at a time is how you operate a cadence
A flow, you grow, you show yourself a foundation
Stay away from all the shit that causes temptation
I know that I like to do it cause the sensation
I live my life in my head like a narration
Don’t expect greatness, do my best man I’ll take it

(Wake up! Today’s gonna be a good day) -8x

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