Good and Evil Lyrics – Eddie Vedder

Good and Evil Lyrics – Eddie Vedder from “Earthling” album is the latest English song which produced by watt. Good and Evil Lyrics are written by Eddie Vedder.

Good and Evil Lyrics

Good and Evil Song Details:

Song: Good and Evil
Album: Earthling
Singer: Eddie Vedder
Produced by : watt
Lyrics: Eddie Vedder

Good and Evil Lyrics

Oh when you look in the mirror
Oh tell me what do you see?

An older woman showering in victims blood
Or have yourself you deceived?

Do your rich accommodations
Numb you to what you believe?

Oh for the love of a gun you’re like a bullet
Aimed to deceive…

You talked yourself, you talked yourself
You’re living a lie, you

Talked yourself, you talked yourself
You self – hypnotized, you

Love your wealth, you steal yourself
And dare criticize, you

Get some sleep, I hope you dream
Your own death tonight

I hear you’re gone on adventure
I hear you’re living the dream
Oh with your poor excuse for a husband
A safari scene

Oh look at you dressed up as hunters
Like some fucked-up halloween

Oh a majestic creature and a bullet
And a dour queen

You talked yourself……

And I wake up with forgiveness
Every day in my heart…
But for you I have not got any dear…
Oh you felt just fine
Looking the elephant in the eye…
You pulled the trigger… fucking sick…
I wonder why – …?

I wish you left, I wish you left
I wish you left, by God
But in your dreams, but in your dreams
So you have a wake-up
I wish you left, I wish you left
And witness your karma
Change your ways and change your aim
Don’t live in denial

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