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Glue Song Lyrics by beabadoobee is the latest English song produced by beabadoobee. Glue Song lyrics are written by beabadoobee. The song was published on 14th February 2023.

Glue Song Lyrics

Glue Song Details

Song: Glue Song
Singer(s): beabadoobee
Produced by: beabadoobee
Written by: beabadoobee
Label(©): beabadoobee

Glue Song Lyrics

I’ve never known someone like you
Tangled in love stuck by you
From the glue
Don’t forget to kiss me
Or else you’ll have to miss me

I guess I’m stuck forever
By the glue, oh, and you

Finding the right words
To use for this song
I have you in mind
So it won’t take so long
Never thought I’d find you
But you’re here
And so I love you

I’m not lying
When I say I’ve been stuck
By the glue onto you
I’ve been stuck by the glue
Right onto you
I’ve been stuck by the glue

I’ve never known
I’ve never known
I’ve never known
Someone like you
I’ve never known

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