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End Of The Beginning Lyrics – Central Cee

End Of The Beginning Lyrics – Central Cee is the latest English song, produced by Dave. End Of The Beginning Lyrics are written by Dave & Central Cee.

End Of The Beginning Lyrics - Central Cee

End Of The Beginning Song Details:

Song: End Of The Beginning
Album: 23
Singer: Central Cee
Produced by: Dave
Lyrics: Dave & Central Cee

End Of The Beginning Lyrics

Patience is a fuckin’ virtue
Patience is a virtue
You think I left and then you come late

Fifty grand for the club appearance
Remember they ain’t let us inside clubs
Just put a lot of work in, now I deserve a break, I’m takin’ some time off
My girl know birth control if I nut inside, she’ll be preggers for nine months
I ain’t got the vaccine, still on the street like I don’t mind gettin’ the virus
We been through worse, bitches third, money second, family first
Think bеfore you speak, say how you feel, stand on it firm
I creatеd a lane, runnin’ the game
One-hundred a day, no calories burned
Mum, you ain’t gotta work no more
One show’s two times what you annually earn
Bro, you ain’t gotta trap no more
It’s ’bout time that we think outside of the box
Tried workin’ and I applied for a job
They ain’t hirin’, so I made ties with the bop
I’m workin’ ’roundside momzy’s house
I’m servin’, same way my bro got locked, I’m nervous
If the jakes roll on the block, it’s curtains
We ain’t got nothin’ in common
Came in the game to bag my check
And all of the fame just came as an extra
My young boy wanna play with the presser
He wanna stay in his lecture
The new world order’s amongst us
Look at the ads on the phone that are poppin’ up
Really and truly I should’ve done fraud
But back in the day the trap was popular
She said a trap boy’s her type
But she don’t know what it consist of
I ain’t your type if when I got clients
Billin’ the line you’re pissed off
Patience, gotta have patience
Sittin’ in traffic all day give me road rage
I saw a rack, it was love at first sight
Me and the lizzy are soulmates
Man of the moment, I stick to the program
Put down her phone if she talkin’ ’bout romance
Although I’m grown, I’m still makin’ a snowman (Burr)
I got a cold heart, I can’t hold down
My life in the hood soon come to an end
Bitch, it’s the end of the beginning
A lot of man pretendin’ they with the image
Said she didn’t wanna let me hit it, I wouldn’t hit it though
Ain’t nobody get me to a milli’ (Uh)
If I’m with the guys, we don’t need a bodyguard
Cah ain’t nobody gonna act silly
The dog gon’ bark like a [?]
I don’t beef anybody if I didn’t beat the taxman
I don’t dress for Halloween, but if I did, I’d be the Batman
Lay her on her belly when I hit her with he backstrokes
She the way I chop it, would’ve thought I had a black belt
I don’t even need practice, I’m a natural
I wanna hit Tennessee, and I don’t mean Nashville
When you go through the things we’ve seen
You’ll grow a lil’ faster and look at life different
Some times I feel like throwin’ away my phone and just goin’ missin’
Fourteen years old, kicked out of the crib when I went Daniel’s for Christmas
Lost time with my mom that I can’t get back
And that’s why I been rekindlin’
When I was in school just fiddlin’ my teacher
I never would’ve thought I’d been here
Apartment block with the gym in it
Neighbors lookin’ like “How does he live here?”
Takin’ it slow, I’m on cruise control
But watch when I put it in sixth gear
2021 had ’em all spun
But next year I do a lot more than this year

I warn ’em
Warnin’ me now at you
‘Cause I can’t get you out my head
I’m really sorry, yeah
Tellin’ me that you need to get away now
Away from everyone
And you need to move away
You need to buy a house in the country
And just have the fuckin’ life you deserve

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