Bluuwuu 2 Lyrics – Digga D, Sav’O & Horrid1

Bluuwuu 2 Lyrics by Digga D, Sav’O & Horrid1 feat. T.Y., Rack5, Dodgy, M’Skum & ZK (CGM) is the latest English song produced by Madara Beatz & AceBeatz. Bluuwuu 2 lyrics are written by Digga D, Sav’O, T.Y., Horrid1, ZK (CGM), M’Skum & Dodgy. The song was published on August 29, 2023.

Bluuwuu 2 Lyrics

Bluuwuu 2 Song Details:

Song: Bluuwuu 2
Singer(s): Digga D, Sav’O & Horrid1 feat. T.Y., Rack5, Dodgy, M’Skum & ZK (CGM)
Producer(s): Madara Beatz & AceBeatz
Written by: Digga D, Sav’O, T.Y., Horrid1, ZK (CGM), M’Skum & Dodgy
Label Black Money Records & EGA Records

Bluuwuu 2 Lyrics

Yeah, you dun know already, it’s your boy BP
Straight up Tigga D, you dun know, holdin’ it down (Ayy, Madara, run that back)
Ten years up in this bitch (AceBeatz)
Still doin’ what we gotta do, you understand?
Niggas ’round here still flippin’ birds
Still got them sticks
All my niggas on my side straight blue gang
You already know already what’s goin’ on
We’re linked up, bitch
Movin’ as a collective, you understand?
Anything blow over here, we’re dealin’ with

We put the **** in blue (Bluu, bluuwuu)
Crept up, hit him with two
Who smacked him? Got the whole city confused (Bah-bah-bah)
Rest up Gucc’ (Rest up Gucc’), tie up the boots
Roll up and eliminate yutes (Paow)
It looks good on thе ‘net, you pussy
Live in the flеsh, your niggas are zoots (Yeah)
They got **** gassed up, ’bout assassin
‘Til he heard our ting slapping (Brr)
No one in **** can level my badness
You can’t be talking ’bout my block (Bah-bah)
As if, the AK’s massive, the corn start crashin’
Them man start dashin’, we nearly peeled him (Bah-bah)
Multiple mashings, multiple splashings
We caught his brother and **** **** (Bluuwuu)
Roll up, tump out the ‘matic (Buh-buh)
Test the waters and see if it’s chattings (Baow, baow, baow)
I got tired of stabbings, and **** alone, better add three slappings (Baow, baow, baow)
**** better add a next two, in **** better add A next one (Brr, baow)
Twelve gauge broke had to buy a next gun (Baow)
I was young first time I shot someone’s son (Woi, woi)

**** slipped and got tucked into bed (Baow, baow)
Permanent rest, he ran out of breathe (Brr)
Any last words and you’re screamin’ out, “Help”
Bro, who’s gonna help when you’re already dead? (Baow, baow, baow)
**** got packed ’cause of in-house beef
They don’t drill over here so they **** their own friends (Yeah, yeah)
Left **** too saucy, brought back slavery
Broke that pole on his head (Bah, bah, bah)
I smoke too much ****, I ain’t tryna run man down, pussio try run from a bullet (Grr, baow-baow)
The mash is local, grab it and full it
If not, slide with a knife and jook it
Catch me a pirate, I’ll captain hook him (Yeah)
Gruesome and brutal, and diggin’ and twistin’, gorey sight, you don’t wanna be lookin’
I bored man’s spine and he dropped in the bushes (Yeah)
I’m the aggressor, never the victim (No)
He can’t remember, ruined his thinkin’ (No)
The way gang bricked him, dipped him, ching him, ching him
Tomahawk, run him and kill him (Yeah, yeah)
The things that I think, me and you are different (Grrah, grrah, bah)
Catch me a pack and go sleep like I didn’t (Bah)
Boot off the door, then beat off the 4s, [?] end your life like the place you’re livin’ (Buh-buh)

**** to the **** (Bah, bah, bah)
Stop it, that ain’t no active pattern
**** got shot and he died on the scene, oi, pass me the weed
Let me roll this ****
10 v 1 got cheffed in my bum, cheffed him in his lung, don’t talk about **** (Bah, bah)
Licked off a **** and he flew in the air
Now he’s in the air, I wish I’d **** **** (Finish him)
**** got slapped, wish bro got a headshot
Happy that my man died, but I’m pissed that gang didn’t pack off **** (Woi, woi)
Just circled the whole of **** man for his next stop (Baow)
Let me see **** on the HR, back my shaver, Imma cut that deadlock
Life taker, I ain’t givin’ out leg shots

If you’re tough, better back what you’re sayin’
We do walkouts, so we drive by sprayin’
He got bored up, ten wounds what I gave him
I’m cravin’ packs, let me find where you’re staying
Swingin’ them swords, I ain’t doin’ my chores
And I boot off the door if I can’t find a way in
Slide and man turn into pack not patience
Slid other day made the Glock start rainin’

I heard **** talkin’, he ain’t talkin’ no more, got packed off, chest got slapped off (Bah, bah, bah)
Nah, ****, everyone thought it was the guys packed him
‘Cause he been shootin’ on that block (Baow, bah-bah)
Rollin’ the P and I’m takin’ man’s hat off
Try do it to **** but he dashed off (Dashed off)
Back to the dotty on them, did a scratch-off
Would’ve been five of them dead if bro banged off (Buh-buh)
Fuck ****, they ain’t touched no one from **** but they rappin’ like that
They been stabbed and blamed
But the guys did an eye
Three boys in jail for them shootings, stop cappin’ like that (Cap, cap, cap)
Sharpen the blade, card up the face, dark in the rave, loaded
Ready to bark in a place, he got bored in his head, it was far from a fade
Gang tore him to shreds with the sharpest of blades

Like, what’s the confusion? Broad day bootings
Eveybody knows that the **** losin’
If I get the drop with a Glock, I’m rootin’
Slap to the hang-ting’s toothless (Baow, baow)
Side by side, shotguns, we abuse them
I gave the order, Vladimir Putin
Somethin’ got bunned, to my ears, that’s music
Family’s grievin’, crime scene gruesome (Dead)
Crow got the get back, I salute him, now I got **** all in my blue slim (Bluuwuu)
Nigga, don’t be stupid, free CJ from the 10, Bluuwuu shit (Bluuwuu)
Us or them, What side are you choosing?
I’m really into it, don’t find that amusin’
Spoke to bro on the phone, said, “Which one’s dyin’? **** killed **** on Tuesday”

We make families grieve (Cry)
They bring up my name in that mornin’ briefs
I’m armed and dodgy, I’m linked to bodies
Go on then, opps, police (No cap)
Selfish got it, **** visit his friends (Gang)
Had Rackz tryna argue with me
Wash slime of my blade in Aunty’s sink
And watch the cookies, it’s hard to believe
If it’s war, I’m not gonna stop (Not a chance)
The Lord knows if I clock me a opp, it’s hot up
Bro, which one’s gonna drop? The **** done got shot in his shop (Bah)
Crocodile teeth gettin’ done in the crops
If the star had dogs, I ran with the crop
We turn up West as well, we ****, we cheffed up ****

I didn’t hit run to the ‘net when I hit up the ends
I did it with a brownin’, that’s high-power
Bro got touched, couldn’t sit there sour
I lit up two estates within a hour
Nine out of ten, it’s me that’s bootin’
Mission complete when I petrol shower
Opps infected, it make no sense
Should I step **** then pick up the flowers?
.38s grab no salt, twenty-two long like the Eiffel Tower
Austin with a hand-ting got powers, and I don’t wanna hear ’bout ****
He got chinged on the corner of Powis, Lugga, Nines, gettin’ devoured
Spread them pellets, shotgun showers

It hit different when niggas think you got nobody, gang
I’ll bug up, 300-word bro
We really be killin’ niggas, man (Gang)

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