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Blahblahblah Demo Lyrics by Joji is the latest English song. Blahblahblah Demo Lyrics are written by Aaron Reyes, Joji & Wonton Jesus while the song is produced by Aaron Reyes, Joji & Wonton Jesus.

Blahblahblah Demo Lyrics

Blahblahblah Demo Lyrics

I can make you feel it closer
Baby, One more time
(One more time)
I can really feel you closing in
I stayed outside (Stayed outside)
I love, I love, I love, No matter how
How much they take
(How much they take)
Something tells me
We were chosen so we keep on trying
(Keep on trying)

She said I’m dumb, Surrounded by strangers
When I hear your voice, I’m in too deep
Feeling undone, I can’t be the only one
I wanna be forever young

I can makе you feel it closer
Baby, One more timе (Yeah)

Silhouettes, Silhouettes, Laying in the west
I’ve got nothing in my vest (In my vest)
Intimate, Intimate, Just laying in my chest
Pray you never lay to rest
(Lay to rest, Lay to rest)
We got here just in time
Don’t get lost in this life
Levitate, Levitate (Levitate, Levitate)
Like an atom, Separate (Like an atom, Separate)
Elaborate, Elaborate (Elaborate)
Been a long time, I can see it on the bait (Yeah)
I can see it on the bait
I can see it on the bait

Ooh (Yeah-Yeah)

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