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Air France Lyrics English Translation by Eladio Carrión is a newly released Spanish song produced by Foreign Teck, Bass Charity, TheOwnlyHope, ​nightlife, Cesar Americo, ​drift boy & Feliciano Ponce. The latest song Air France lyrics are written by Eladio Carrión. The music video was published on 14th March 2023.

Air France Lyrics English Translation

Air France Song Details:

Song: Air France
Singer(s): Eladio Carrión
Produced by: Foreign Teck, Bass Charity, TheOwnlyHope, ​nightlife, Cesar Americo, ​drift boy & Feliciano Ponce
Written by: Eladio Carrión
Label: Rimas Music

Air France Lyrics English Translation

Millionaire’s gatherings eat raw food
The sommelier tells me: “Chardonnay, that goes with gouda”.
A mansion in Palma’, also ‘tá’ the penthouse in ciuda’.
Ello’ they say that the year is of it’, I don’t see them, I have my doubts’.
Gallery mind, a marte’ I spent ten thousand dólare’ in Gallery
Before I didn’t get paid, but I went up in salary
I arrive pa’ Club [?], here they close that for me
They already know, after the H goes the U
All my L’s I turned them into W’s
Many nochеs without sleep, I fucked up my health
I’m LUMA for my haters because I won’t give you lu’
I don’t wrestle no more, I understood long ago that I have no more competition
I leave the studio, at least three references
The best, and not by number, but by preference
2015 in KJ’s minivan with Hydro, La Paciencia
They throw punches, yes, but with little power
Don’t throw me’, I don’t answer, please call management
I was bored in New York, I took a flight to France
Thirty thousand in [?], another twenty thousand in Pranton
I got them looking for the recipe like Plankton
In the daytime shining like the roof of a Phantom
White, black, you take your pick, Danny Phantom
Everything I say I beat
My colleagues at UV say, “Wow, my crazy, I don’t believe you, I believe her”.
I’ll take Mateo’s VISA out right now
Vladi says that I sound in all the batters’ boxes, hey
Chofere’ personalale’, don’t take it personal
If they take it personal they won’t mention me
They realize that by talking bad about me they can look bad
They split like a line and a diagonal
I look at them and I can imagine their frustrations
So much ice on their necks that I put them on skates
They burned like potatoes that didn’t know how to grill
I’m just warmin’ up, like giving oral sex
And how can I explain?
They throw me away, how can I itch?
If this flow can’t be replicated
I don’t even go out to avoid it
People who depend on me, how can I get off?
José says: “Ela, you have to meditate”.
I hear voice’ in my head, I can’t concentrate
To get to this is not talent, you have to practice
No rest, to close my eyes I even have to take medicine
I can’t sleep, 2017 I was charging a thousand a thousand a party
Now it’s three hundred’ for the new year to say goodbye
I open my doors, you don’t have to open ’em for me
Y’all only seen Kobe beef in 2008 with Shaquille, ja
Don’t make me laugh
I visualized it, the future, I could predict it
Dr. Strange, it’s already something strange, I can’t even tell you, yeah
Every time I give a stick, I’m a hole in one, nigga, Albatross
You’re the kind of guy that calls the cone in highvo’
You got something on your chest? Well, then talk about it.
Just in my neck alone I got more than in your catalogue
Shh, you put the voice down
I see you when I see you, I don’t command paragraph’.
Toy tira’o’ in Gecko, wagyu sushi, asparagus’
Yours can work for NatGeo, they narrate everything’.
In New York with the movie like Frank Sinatra
They copy me, it ain’t bad if they idolize me
I feel in charge of these kids like a pediatrician
I live in the present, no, I never look ‘way
John Wick, if you touch one of my dog’s
Bob The Builder, I never go out without my iron
So much Benjamine’ that this is a burial night
My circle looks like a contract as I close it

That guy is the GOAT, the GOAT!

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