Monster-Max 1 Lyrics – Upchurch

Monster-Max 1 Lyrics by Upchurch is a newly released English song produced by KalaniOnDaBeat. The latest song Monster-Max 1 lyrics are written by Upchurch. The song was published on 20th February 2023.

Monster-Max 1 Lyrics

Monster-Max 1 Song Details:

Song: Monster-Max 1
Singer(s): Upchurch
Produced by: KalaniOnDaBeat
Written by: Upchurch
Label(©): Upchurch

Monster-Max 1 Lyrics

They mad I got the soul, motherfucker
This is KalaniOnDaBeat

Slit my throat, can’t tell ’cause my red neck bleedin’ racin’ fuel
Brain runnin’ like a Hellcat
Which genre? You won’t have ’em thinkin’ that I spell cast
Music City magic, feel like I’m finna rob Batman
Beat the game up so much I can’t even see a mic stand
Hip-hop goin’ over their head like it’s mic legs
Mic check, hooked up like a side gig
Cash cowboy and I be writin’ my own checks
Gimme the problem, I ain’t playin’ possum
Success or [?], cross and take census to cut a track, your vocals stop workin’
Drop curtain, I’m come beatin’ the top circuits
No need to give me flowers, every field I got flourished
Every time I got eyes on my bon bon
I find time to travel deep inside the shaft [?]
Motherfuckin’ hillbilly, motherfuckin’ holler boy
B-b-bad motherfucker ridin’ in my Tonka toy
Rollin’ so stoned, got to coughin’ in the lung
Bet they wanna kill Bill but my presidents have been dead
Its safe, call it presidential placement, when I step on the track they yell, “Racist”
You know why? ‘Cause they don’t wanna race this
Haha, ask them if they wanna taste test
Hell naw, my sauce got honey drippin’ off of it, motherfucker

Yellin’ “Racist”, they don’t wanna race this
Let your bae watch like Sandy Cheeks and [?]
I’m grease lightnin’ on the mic and we don’t match
Acid drippin’ off the bottom of my mustache
Spinnin’ these wheels, flow looking like Monster-Max
Always stay afloat and they know that is monster facts
Always gettin’ bucked, gun so big I need a monster rack
Rampage Jackson, monster mine and slam you on a mat
A mean track, I’m whiter than Nardwuar
Lyrics gon’ get you like Jiu-Jitsu, got arm bars
Crucifix you to death out in my front yard
So many bows to the dome, country attack Mars
Yeah bitch, I’m that star, couple rings around me
When they say I took a turn in my goldies with the platinum
And the platinum set the tone on the standard where I’m standin’
Ask a hater why he starin’, tell his bitch to make us parents
Ain’t no barbeque sauce in the south that is hot as me
I hip-hopped in the window and gave you my genealogy
Rubbin’ off on the game, poppin’ up like a genie with jeans
And songs so genius, add guitar so they start to see us

Yeah, but they could never be us, they can only see us
New age outlaw shit bringin’ different demeanor’s
Hahaha, motherfucker

I’m havin’ fun with this, my redneck ass came bargin’ in
Reckless with the flow like rainfall to the Cumberland
On the rise, kick your boots off if you’re comin’ in
No Copperhead rowin’ your boat, it be a Moccasin
My image the realest, somebody’s cousin
Ideally pullin’ up in the dually with hoochies and a bag of that killer
I’m bad and I’m bigger, the b-b-b-bubba, the millions
Always standin’ outside, somebody tell Wayne I never had ceiling’s
Church motherfucker, you hear them crickets?

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