Crypto Lyrics – Yo Gotti

Crypto Lyrics by Yo Gotti is the latest English song. Crypto lyrics were written by VALXR, LoneGud, ​jahk, SoundsByBreezy, Brian White & Yo Gotti while the song is produced by Brian White, SoundsByBreezy, ​jahk, LoneGud & VALXR.

Crypto Lyrics

Crypto Track Info:

Song: Crypto
Album: CM10: Free Game
Singer: Yo Gotti
Produce by: Brian White, SoundsByBreezy, ​jahk, LoneGud & VALXR
Lyrics: VALXR, LoneGud, ​jahk, SoundsByBreezy, Brian White & Yo Gotti

Crypto Lyrics

I guess this shit like a freestyle
Lay it back tho’

To be the have or the have not
I seen niggas sellin’ dope through cashapp
I’m seeing gangster niggas talking cryptocurrency
I had faith in my dawg, but what that earned me?
Disloyalty I hate it with a passion
That was my nigga, but he crossed me out in fashion
You can never repay me for the trust you destroyed
Only God knows the shit I tried to avoid
And the shit that I supported, I did it proudly, loudly
Hunnid rounds chopper, that’s the wild me
Hoppin’ out the bounded vehicle, the key Glock twentieth trip
Now we having meetings bout metaverses and NFT’s
Twenty million in taxes, who would ever believe?, the shit I done achieved, sometimes I don’t believe
I use to get a thousand pound, now they legalize weed, but I got Niggas in the feds that still ain’t free
I’d sell a brick and put blues in my pocket (pocket)
Now they talking digital money and wallets
Now hard drive (hard drive?), Yea hard drive (hard drive)
I remember my first million was hard to have, got a message to the real niggas (what’s that?)
You cannot defeat the Internet no matter what so chill nigga
Don’t get distracted by the money, you too relaxed, you livin’ life but I remember you was hungry
Nigga gotta keep that hunger, nigga buying bitch a birkin
Niggas ain’t taking care of they momma, I don’t respect it (can’t respect it)
I see some flaw shit, I’ll check it, you niggas pathetic (pathetic)
Niggas ain’t taking care of they kids but they flexin’
Spent a hunnid on a Cuban in the projects, let the money make the money nigga, that’s the process
Niggas takin’ pills man made, that shit processed
But scared to take a vaccination shot, this shit make no sense
Niggas want a bad bitch so bad, they accept the bitch past, even if the hoe toxic (yah)
I’m tryna do the opposite (opposite), take a good girl bring her into my world
Put her on some mob shit, show her how to turn a sixty to a hunnid mill
Show her how to turn a hood life to Beverly Hills, vacation out the Porsche she go and buy a crib
Her brother nem some fake gangsters, that’s how it really is (really is), yeah that’s how it really is
Her brother nem some fake gangsters, that’s how it really is

No internet thuggin’ over here (at all), we don’t do nothin’ online (shhh)
Everything cold, quit mixing real life with the internet
You know what I mean, I don’t know the fuck what generation you was born in

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